5 Tips about Hair Removal Treatment for the Chin

It is somewhat embarrassing on the part of women to have unwanted hair under their chin. That is the reason why they seek for treatment about it. Hirsutism is the term used which refer to the growth of hair under the chin and you call it hypertrichosis is a condition referring to the excess hair growth in both men and women. Factors affecting this hair growth are genetics and ethnicity. If you want treatment for this condition, they need to know first, what is the cause of the hair growth. Anyway this condition is but natural for everybody and here are some methods that can be used to remove hair under the chin.

Tip #1: Plucking, Epilators and Waxing

Hair Removal Treatment for the ChinThe use of tweezers and plucking unwanted hair is costly but effective way of removing such hair. This is recommended especially if the area of treatment is relatively small. One advantage of plucking is that it can remove the hair shaft completely. Plucking hair from the root can cause irritation which can occur at once and this can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Epilators have the same function which is pulling away more than one hair at a time. You can use a small epilator on the chin and the surrounding area.

Waxing is another way which may require extra care with hot wax as this can also cause skin irritation and sensitivity just after the treatment.

These methods may cost less and the results may last between 2-8 weeks.

Tip #2: Shaving and Depilatories

This is another inexpensive way of removing the hair under the chin. But results are only temporary which lasts from 1-3 days. This is why you always need to practice this method almost every day and skin irritation from shaving is relatively high.

Depilatories are the use of cream which can dissolve the hair shaft. However this method can cause sensitivity that is why you need to test it first on your skin. If there is no skin irritation within 24 hours, then the cream is safe to use. This hair removal lasts for about 2 weeks and also relatively inexpensive.

Tip #3: Topical Treatment

This involves the use of a cream, eflornithine, which is known as Vaniqa. It aids in the prevention of regrowth of unwanted facial hair and this can last until 8 weeks after you stop applying the cream. During the treatment, the cream should be applied two times a day. If the following side effects occur like skin sensitivity and stinging, discontinue use.

Tip #4: Laser Hair Removal

This procedure is expensive that requires 6-8 treatments to completely remove hair in a certain area. Lasers emit light pulses to damage the hair follicles which cause unwanted hair to fall. Results can last up to 3 months. This kind of treatment is more recommendable to people with dark hair than those with fair or grey hair.

Pain is felt on the area where the laser heats the hair shaft.

Tip #5: Electrolysis

In electrolysis, they make use of a small current which is passed through a needle going to the hair follicle to destroy it. They say this procedure can permanently remove unwanted hair but it requires several treatments. This method is costly and time consuming and can cause some discomfort.

You should no longer fret about having hair on your chin because there are a lot of ways to remove it.  You can choose from low-priced methods to expensive treatments.  You should also consider the duration of hair growth and the consequence of each process.

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