7 Tips and Some Reminders on How to Treat Bunions Using Alternative Medicine

Bunion gives too much pain which makes anybody uncomfortable. Many patients refrain from having surgery to completely remove their bunion that’s why they resort to alternative medicines. This is the procedure of using natural means to manage a bunion.

Tip #1: Consult a Physical TherapistTreat Bunions Using Alternative Medicine

A physical therapist can demonstrate to you the proper use of ultrasound techniques. This will help you slowdown or even stop or reverse the growth of bunion. She will show you some exercises which you can use to manage the pain brought by the bunion.

A physical therapist can also teach you the proper technique of taping and banding of your bunion. This is to hold your toe in a position that can lessen the complication of the bunion and can help you ease the uncomfortable friction caused by wearing shoes.

Tip #2: Have an Appointment with a Massage Therapist

A massage therapist can perform a deep-friction massage on the specific foot that is affected by bunion. This is to alleviate the soft tissue that has built up and worsen the bunions. In addition, it can also treat inflammation and improve blood circulation.

Tip #3: Try Acupuncture Techniques

Although acupuncture does not work for everybody, you can try having your bunion be treated with this technique. In doing so, you will open the energy pathways that promote your body’s natural healing powers.

Tip #4: Consult a Homeopathic Medicine Specialist

You can inquire from a homeopathic specialist about “Calcarea phoshorica.” This is some kind of a solution which can help in treating and balancing the abnormal formation of the bone that causes irritation to bunion sufferers.

Tip #5: Application of Zheng Gu Shui

You can also treat your bunion at home with the use of zheng gu shui. This is a Chinese liquid which can be applied on your bunion once or twice a day. This is considered as “royal bone water” and is known to break up calcium deposits and arthritic bone deformities. You can use a cotton ball to apply it then let it dry for 1-2 minutes before applying another one. Do not cover your bunions after the application of zheng gu shui to avoid burns since this is a very hot liquid.

Tip #6: Choose Suitable Footwear

Considering the use of suitable footwear contribute also in treating bunion pain. Try to wear shoes that have enough space for the toes including the width and length of your foot.

Tip #7: Consider Standard Medical Treatment

If these alternative medicines do not work, you can resort to medical treatments. Although surgery needs almost 2 months of recovery time, this is considered the most effective way of alleviating a bunion permanently.


Soaking your foot affected with bunion in a hot water or applying ice on the joints is also considered an effective way of treating the pain and swelling cause by the condition.

Alternative medicine cannot be considered as a replacement for the treatment of bunion by an accredited podiatrist or a professional orthopedic surgeon especially if you are experiencing complications that are cause by severe bunions.

Several alternative medicines can be utilized for the treatment of bunion.  This ranges from massage and acupunctures to herbs and topical treatments.  However, if these alternative medicines fail to work, then that is the time for you to consider undergoing a surgery.

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