7 African Herbal Medicines You Should Know

They are many African herbal remedies that are available commercially which can be found in most reputable and established stores that offers mostly supplements. Once you have found stores that are selling African Herbs, then it’s great. Talk with the knowledgeable store representative about your desired herbs. Be sure you trust the staff of the store to believe about their products. You have to rely on what they say about what the products are and what benefits you may get from them. Here are some of the Best African Herbs in the market.

Herb 1:Grains of Paradise

African Herbal Medicines This is considered as a good natural herbal remedy as it can be an effective in aiding digestion, fight off nausea, releases water and it freshens breath. They also use this herb as a delicious spice in some beverages and dishes.

Herb 2: Kola Nut

This African herbal product has been discovered in the West. It is said to help alleviate headaches and considered as a stimulant similar to caffeine.

Herb 3: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is considered as a “wonder plant” of the African herbal remedies. This specie of the African herb has different properties, benefits and side effects from the aloe in the west.

The clear gel extracted from the center of its leaf can make the healing process faster. Meanwhile, the juice from the base of its leaf has a laxative effect.

Herb 4: Hoodia

Hoodia is a variety of the cactus plant derived from the Kalahari Desert. This has been used by the San Bushmen to stave off hunger when they have their long hunting trips. This African herb has become popular in the Western part among others because of its ability to suppress appetite. This is recommended for dieters and binge eaters.

However, Hoodia should be taken after consulting your doctor especially if you have heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and if you have blood clotting disorders or eating disorders.

Take note that if you buy commercial Hoodia, you must follow manufacturer’s instructions as directed.

Herb 5: Kanna (Sceletium tortousum)

Kanna is another African herb that has gained popularity in other countries. Other refers to it as “nature’s Prozac” as it is used as mood enhancer.

Herb 6: Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis)

This is an African herb that strikes the Westerners because it contains a lot of healthy ingredients like antioxidants and minerals that enhances longevity. Another benefit of this herb is that it helps with stomach disorders and nausea.

It makes the skin smoother and younger looking. This is usually served as a tea or can be added to cakes, soup, marinades and sauce.

Herb 7: Other African herbs

Pellitory – the root is good for digestive problems, epilepsy, toothache, headache, cough and cold.

Senna – used as laxative.

Buchu – recommended for urinary tract and prostate problems.

Calumba – applicable for stomach disorders and aids in digestion and improves appetite.

Consumers are advised not to use African herbs that has toxin in it as this may cause life threatening conditions. Before using any of these herbs, be sure to familiarize yourself about them.  Trying African herbal medicine is good but it is advised that you know how to use them properly.

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